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GET INSPIRED: Audi Asks Photographer To Photograph Their $160,000 Sports Car, He Uses $40 Miniature Toy Car Instead

When Audi commissioned photographer Felix Hernandez Rodriguez to photograph their sports car Audi R8, we knew that something wasn’t right. Turns out, he shot the $160,000 car by using a $40 scale model!

The most amazing part? He didn’t even use Photoshop. Everything was done using miniature models, props, lighting and in-camera effects.


Article by: boredpanda

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Inventive Constellations and Animals Packaging by Backbone Branding

Day & Night is a graphical project conducted masterfully by Armenian artists Stepan Azaryan , Anahit Margaryan Lilit Arshakyan and Backbone Branding . The various products in the range ( beer, water, whiskey , chocolate) are all wrapped in beautiful packaging combining animal species and constellations. The black and white represents result of wildlife including part of the body takes shape once the star connected. An idea of the most creative and refreshing for a young brand.

Article gotten from Fubiz