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Pleasure to Burn

Montag was out the back door lightly, running with the half-empty valise. Behind him he heard the lawn-sprinkling…



Resn is a creative digital agency infecting minds with gooey interactive experiences and digital stories. 2016-06-09 14-22-32


Not all privacy is created equal. Discover


X:Men: What Is Your Hidden Mutant Power?

Have you ever felt like you were meant for something bigger? Discover your hidden mutant power and unleash your inner X…



Bolden is a design and development studio based in Amsterdam, we are specialised in online platforms, e-commerce and…


HP | Magic Words

Só no Brasil, ainda existem mais de 13 milhões de analfabetos. Viajamos o país inteiro atrás dessas pessoas e suas hist…


An deiner Seite

An deiner Seite – Kontra K / An interactive music video.


Type Terms

Welcome to Type Terms! The animated typographic cheat sheet. If you are new to typography or here to refresh your…


Pharrell Williams

Visit and explore his world through his fans.

Microinteractions: The Secret of Great App Design

Microinteractions: The Secret of Great App Design

The best products do two things well: features and details. Features are what draw people to your product. Details are what keep them there. And details are what actually make our app stand out from our competition.

Microinteractions are one of the best techniques for giving delightful feedback.

All roads lead to a human-centered design approach, where the user is the prime focus. Often considered accessory or secondary, microinteractions actually create a feeling of well-being once they are discovered by users. As a designer, recognizing the invisibility of microinteractions is just as important as designing them. You have to create something that feels human and accomplishes a task.

What is a Microinteraction Anyway?

Microinteractions are the contained product moments that do one small task.

As first described in Dan Saffer’s book Microinteractions, these tiny details typically serve these essential functions:

  • Communicate feedback or the result of an action.
  • Accomplish an individual task.
  • Enhance the sense of direct manipulation.
  • Help users visualize the results of their actions and prevent errors.

Some examples of specific microinteractions include:

  • Interface animation that either shows ability to click (a button that changes color when hovered over).
  • Highlight Changes
    Sometimes we have to show notifications to make sure the user sees it. Animation can help. It will attract users attention and not let them overlook what you think is important.
  • Call to Action
    Microinteractions have the power to encourage users to actually interact. They can bring empathy in user experience. But make sure the visual cues and animations are appropriate for your users. And keep longevity in mind — will the microinteraction get annoying on the 100th use, or is it universally clear and unobtrusive?

To see the full article, kindly follow this link: Microinteractions: The Secret of Great App Design — UX Planet — Medium

Mechanical Web Design

As a Web Designer, I have always thought of taking website from static or dynamic and advancing them to something I term “Mechanical Website” o yeah!

A Mechanical Website is that which is almost fully automatic, interacts with its users, possess a great aesthetic design (css), built with a mechanism (js) that fills it with life. Have you ever thought of bringing graphic and sound to make a great action “moviesite”? Yeah that’s what I’m talking about.

If you are still wondering what exactly this is, check out the links below. They are award winning web pages which exemplify my vision of a Mechanical Web Design.

  1. ThinkBlink:
  2. Quechua:
  3. Dansmonsac:
  4. Mikiya Kobayashi:

Watch out for more on mechanical website…

Bootstrap 4 is Here!

Bootstrap is the most popular front-end development framework. As you may know, everyone loves Bootstrap. If you are not using it, here are some reasons why designers choose Bootstrap and you should too:It saves time and it is easy to useIt is customizableIt is fully responsivenessIt is compatible with all major platformsIt is very detailed documentedIt is Open source

Source: What is new in Bootstrap 4? – Creative Tim’s Blog

15 Tips – The Art Of Talking With Your Enterprise Customer

If you want to build a great connection with the customers, the most important thing is the way you communicate with them. follow these tips to learn more.

Source: 15 Tips – The Art Of Talking With Your Enterprise Customer

What makes a Bad Web Design Vs What makes a Good Web Design – Infographics

Why Someone Leave Your Website In 2-3 Seconds?

Attracting a potential customer on the behalf of their interests and retaining them is hard. It is very important that your design is made for the users not just for the search engines, so that your website can grab the customer attention and help to incisor more business leads. _ by Prince Pal

Click on this link to find out more…

You Need to Always Position Yourself to Win

Doing things that you know you need to get done, inother to be where you want to be in life either a week from now, a month from now or ten years from now, you need to be doing that work. This is one of the ways you position yourself to win. Find out more in this video by Roberto Blake